True Value Rewards Program
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True Value Rewards
The True Value Rewards program is a free card like the ones you get at the grocery store -- it's not a credit card.  And just for signing up we will give you a five dollar coupon towards your next purchase.

Here's How It Works
As a member, you earn PROJECT Points every time you shop and redeem them for dollars off future purchases.  The more you spend with us over time, the faster you earn PROJECT Points:

  • You start out earning 10 PROJECT Points per dollar, at the Foundation level.
  • Once you spend over $150 in a year, you'll earn 15 points per dollar, at the Builder level.
  • Spend over $400 in a year and earn 20 points per dollar, at the Achiever level.
Plus, you can save money on exclusive deals in our monthly in-store flyer, The Member Saver.  

Product Discounts
Every month selected products at Junction True Value will be specially priced for Junction True Value Rewards customers only. To receive these special discounts, you must have your card or keytag scanned by the cashier when you shop.

Special Offers
Throughout the year, Junction True Value and participating manufacturers will be offering special rewards to Junction True Value Rewards customers. Look for exclusive offers in the store and in your mailbox.  

True Value Privacy Pledge
We pledge never to sell our mailing list and we will not violate your confidentiality in any way.

If you have any questions, please ask a store associate or call 1-206-932-0450

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